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  Published 26 Sep 2017
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{Guest post by Thomas}

Effective marketing has a pivotal role in increasing a business's' overall success and mostimportantly, the profitability. A strong campaign can do wonders in no time. But, what shouldyou know about setting up a campaign, that not only brings you sales but also makes youronline presence, stronger?

In today's marketing world, there are plenty of marketing strategies; some are organic, while for some, you need to spend, plenty of money. Spending money on marketing strategies issomething that Large scale businesses can do. But, small and medium businesses usually runon a meager budget. Thus, paid form of marketing strategies, are usually not feasible for them. The only effective form of marketing strategies that these small businesses can opt for is the organic form of marketing that involves, content marketing, email marketing, SEO to improve the online presence, social media marketing, etc.

When you are setting up a marketing campaign, having a rough or approximate estimation ofthe Return on Investment or ROI, becomes imperative. Running campaigns that give no ROI isboth waste of time and money.

One complaint that many businesses have is that organic marketing strategies take a really long time to yield good results; it is both yes and no. Yes, because, search engines crawl your site,several times, before giving you a rank, on the SERPs, and poorly-planned marketing strategies also lead to slow results. No, because, there are a few marketing strategies like building up the PA and DA for your site, marketing your content via various forums, getting a page created for yourself(your brand) on Wikipedia, which will increase the web traffic dramatically, which will eventually lead to sales.

Here are some of the marketing strategies that go well with the limited funds.

Quality Content

As said, creating quality content is one of the cost-effective means of business promotion.However, you should know, your content should be audience-based, and product based. Ofcourse, we all will have an urge to talk about our products and services, but, this is somethingthat should be curbed, in content marketing. Content marketing, again has various strategies,such as, guest posting, email marketing, YouTube marketing, releasing E-books, creatinglanding pages, etc. Off late, having a Wikipedia page is also becoming one of the popularmarketing strategies. It is well-known that Wikipedia or the online encyclopedia, is the bestfriend of Google, and whenever, you have a query asked, a Wiki page is the first thing thatappears, in most of the cases. So, having a Wikipedia page can dramatically increase youronline presence and online reputation.

Knowing who your audience are, is also, very important. With your target-narrowed, you will be able to able to expect better ROI. When you are creating content, write what your audience cares about; how-to-do content is very well received, these days. Having a blog is another excellent idea. Through this blog, you can share informative and intriguing content, and once in awhile, you can also talk about your products. Guest Posting is even more effective than having a blog. How? It has two benefits. You will be able to reach the audience or followers of that particular page, where you will be guest posting. A guest post will have a link to your website, which will count as an external link; external links have a significant role in increasing the domain authority of the site. And, domain authority along with several other factors, will improve the ranking of your site on the SERPs.

Engaging with the Existing and the Potential Customers

Of course, attracting new customers is very important, but keeping your existing customer base, engaged, also becomes, paramount. In fact, it is less expensive for you to entice your existing customers, over attracting the new ones.

A relationship between your customer and your brand, need not be only about the business.You can use emails or social media, to keep your customers engaged with interesting content,exciting content, or you can even send simple birthday wishes or holiday wishes; theseactivities, will not cost you much, and as the time passes, you can expect, great results fromthese. These days, we see that many brands use emails to get reviews of their products fromthe customers and ensure that the customer is satisfied with the product and the service. Allthese activities build a form of trust and loyalty among the customers, that will help yourbusiness in a long run.

Wonders that social media can do, for your business

Social media has become one of the strongest marketing tools today, and it is not a mere funnovelty, as it was, earlier. The best part about this marketing tool is that social media promotions do not cost you a single penny unless you want to run ad campaigns. Why do we call social media as the strongest marketing tool?

Here are few quick stats-

  1. There are 2.3 billion active social media users
  2. Nearly 37% of all consumers use social media to find out about new products and services,and 32% use social media to receive discount coupons or exclusive offers from the brands they use.
  3. Gen X (ages 35-49) spend the most time on social media – 6 hours and 58 minutes per week. Millennials (ages 18-34) came in second, spending 6 hours and 19 minutes of their time per week on social networks. This clearly states that social media is not limited to youngsters, anymore.
  4. Social media users have risen by 176 million in the last year.

These facts show that social media promotions can definitely bring you a good percentage oftraffic and sales. The advertising options you have, on these social forums, are not expensive,either. Narrow targeting and PPC campaigns is an excellent combination. Your posts can havelinks to your websites, or it can talk about your new product launch, offers your brand is offering currently, or anything.

Improving your social media presence is a little challenging, especially, if you are new to themarket. In this case, you should consider adding social icons to your emails, promoting emailsubscriptions through your social media profiles, offering incentives to your customers, toconnect and share.

In the initial stages, failures are common, or you may not see the results, you are expecting; but, this does not mean that you will not be able to succeed. When you are operating on a tight budget, the most important thing you should have is, a sharp focus, and you must look for the means to increase your ROI, in every possible way. Get your Target Right, Get your Business Right.









Author Bio:-

Brett E. Thomas from macsumo received his Bachelors in Education at Harbors University in Queens. He writes about the products, people, and ideas that are revolutionizing business with technology.

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