iHub Women In Entrepreneurship: Get In and Get It!

By Nekesa Were
  Published 21 Aug 2017
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The iHub is excited to join the communities in Kenya and around the world that curate and host opportunities for women to meet and engage in conversations centered around entrepreneurship.

Beginning 24th August, 2017, the iHub will host a women in entrepreneurship series which will be open to everyone. We do aim though to have good representation from women considering entrepreneurship as a career path, high potential, early stage women-led business owners, seasoned women-led business owners, organisations and individuals offering goods, services, subsidies and other resources relevant to women in entrepreneurship.

The aim of the women in entrepreneurship series is to facilitate connections and partnerships, share personal experiences and lessons learnt, share advice, surface issues and solutions, create a mentorship and alumni network and influence policy.

The first instalment in this series will be titled Get In And Get It and will be held on 24th August, 2017 from 8.30am. The iHub will host 5 inspiring women as they share their stories on making the decision to get into entrepreneurship. Come and learn how to get into entrepreneurship and get the most out of it. Learn about the best practices, possible areas of collaboration and opportunities available for mentorship and networking for women in entrepreneurship.

Our speakers will each give a short talk based on the work that they do. This will then be followed by a panel session, which will include an opportunity for the audience to ask questions and join the conversation.

Mugure Warobi

Mugure Warobi - Standing Out:

How to make your product unique in a competitive market

From the humanitarian world to running an early years business, the common thread is service. Mugure is a passionate advocate for children and all things children who seeks to serve the next generation who are tomorrow's citizens, workers, entrepreneurs, and parents.
She started out in the basement in corporate Kenya and has progressively moved to the position of Operations Officer at the United Nations, a position she graduated to over her 10 year career in humanitarian field and specifically in post-conflict countries.

From the onset, she had a calling to guide children, and whilst she may have put this on the back burner for close to two decades, after her return home from a mission in Liberia she returned to her first love - children.

So 20 odd years later, she chose to return to school to acquaint herself with the Montessori pedagogy. At the same time, she was consulting in the area of programme management for various organisations including IFC, the Ministry of Industrialisation, amongst other organisations both within and outside the country.

Upon completion of her course and after raising her children, she has put this knowledge and experience to good use. She acquired Little Paws Montessori House, a Montessori kindergarten located off Riara Road.
Mugure is married with two children.

Christine Khasinah-Odero

Christine Odero -Finding Your Product and Market:

Identifying your product and niche’ market 

Christine Khasinah-Odero is the Managing Director of Supamamas. Supamamas is a Marketing and Events Company that connects brands to mums, mums to experts and with each other. This is done through regular events and information shared online.

The events are organised regularly and in the past 5 years Supamamas has organised 48 events in Nairobi, Mombasa and Kisumu.

Online the company shares useful content on parenting, mum and baby products and services as well useful articles including inspiring mum stories. Supamamas currently has a following of over 71,000 with the main platform being Facebook as well the website www.supamamas.co.ke

Supamamas is passionate about inspiring mums to strive to be the best they can be in their personal and professional lives.
In recognition of her work, Christine has been awarded various awards including:
· Country Winner 2015 CEO Magazine Africa’s Most Influential Women in Business.
CFC Stanbic Rising Star Entrepreneur Finalist 2015.
Business Daily Top 40 Women under 40 2014
· and CEO’s Magazine Finalist Most Influential Women in Business in Africa SME Category 2014 & 2013
Christine is passionate about service and is Current Fundraising Director at Rotary Club of Langata and is a former Board Member Marketing Society of Kenya.

Frida Owinga

Frida Owinga - Passion To Profit:

Making money and creating solutions for society

Frida is the founder of PassionProfit school of entrepreneurship. PassionProfit works to equip aspiring and existing entrepreneurs with skills and tools to build thriving world class enterprises.

Frida is an authority in organisational leadership and management, small business coaching & consulting
She is the president of the Organization of Women in International Trade, Nairobi Chapter – promoting the advancement of women in international trade.

She has over 20 years experience of working with small businesses in diverse sectors and across geographies.

Carolyne Gathuru

Carolyne Gathuru - Communicating Your Worth:

Communicating the value of you, your product or your service

Carolyne Gathuru is the Director of Strategy and Business Development at LifeSkills Consulting. An accomplished communications, brand and marketing strategist and leader, Carolyne is a successful communications, business development and customer service professional with over 18 years of experience across a broad range of disciplines. She specialises in effective communication for sales and service delivery and has an in depth knowledge of developing practical strategies to improve the customer experience.

As the founder of Life-Skills Consulting she is an ardent and passionate communications practitioner with practical experience in the areas of business development, marketing, branding, public relations, customer service, corporate communications and corporate social responsibility programmes. She sits on the board of The Institute of Customer Service in Kenya that sets customer service standards nationally. Through various management roles from Symphony Group as the Career Consulting Manger, Afsat Communications Ltd as lead Marketing and product support, The Nairobi Hospital as the Marketing and Customer Service manager and Seven Seas Technologies as the Brand and Marketing Manager, she has repeatedly led teams to successfully deploy transformational service delivery and create delightful customer experiences to inspire passion for their brands.

Carolyne is also the founder of iSpeak –a programme for children from underprivileged communities that seeks to inspire them to speak with confidence, and articulate themselves with grace, to enable them to become holistic members of society. Carolyne is also a seasoned public speaker, master of ceremonies and facilitator with a track record for crowd engagement, smooth programme facilitation and seamless event flow as well a mentor and life coach.

Wambui Lamu

MODERATOR - Wambui Lamu

Wambui is a passionate Leader, a Mentor, a Creative Ideator and Brand Lover who has worked as a Graphic Designer for more than 10 years in various Agencies and countries. She is a go getter and a brilliant planner. She simply gets things done. Her discipline helps her tackle any task with ease and confidence.

Wambui’s nature is to put things together in a mental picture then work towards it coming to life through visual identities and events for big and small companies. She works with various media from the traditional kind to social media and one day aims to create TV content for Africa.

In her previous life she has been a performance dancer, an on stage poet, a blogger, a movie buff among many other pursuits. However, currently, she prefers to just relax at home with her family or sip complex sounding wines with friends in open airy spaces with great music. She lives in Nairobi with her husband and three sons.

Wambui has recently launched Hairpolitan Lifestyle Magazine, Kenya's 1st Natural Hair and Living Magazine that aims to give Africans a platform to share authentic stories about themselves. You can read the online magazines and latest web articles on hairpolitan.com

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