By Abigael Wangui
  Published 17 Jul 2017
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The iHub's membership is made up of the right mix of innovators, techies, creatives, thinkers, makers and agenda setters. Today we’d like to highlight one of our current members who are innovators in the extractives industry. Meet Kipya (Africa) Limited.

Kipya is an information company in the extractive industry. They provide data to companies in the oil and gas sector, mining, geothermal and water sectors. If you think of an expedition in search of oil for example then they would be at the centre of it trying to provide data on where to find skill sets that can find where the oil is, knowledge on how to bring this oil to the surface, the science on how to process it and finally intellectual support on where and how to sell the oil.

“Find a way to disassociate your idea from the price of commodities. If you’re fully linked to the price of oil you will have very high moments and very low moments and unfortunately, the low moments could destroy your company!” Gathuru Mburu,managing director at Kipya.

We sat down with Kipya’s Gathuru Mburu, managing director at Kipya.

Watch Gathuru Mburu's talk, at one of our entrepreneurs' forums, to learn more about the extractives industry.

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