Event - Envisioning a Safer Internet for Women in Kenya

By Editor
  Published 04 Jul 2017
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In the recent years Kenya has steadily increased the number of users getting online and with that increase, which is a definite success, there has also been an increase in cases of harassment and targeted abuse of women on online platforms. Also referred to as technology assisted abuse, women seem to be the hardest hit by this evil. From receiving unsolicited images or attention and insults from men, to doxxing, stalking, revenge porn the internet these days has become a safe harbour for harassers targeting women who dare have a voice.

iHub, after being awarded a grant to further Internet Freedom progress in Kenya, seeks to enhance internet freedom for women, by taking a closer look at hyper visible profiles; bloggers, journalists, political aspirants and activists who use their online platforms to further their work.

Join us for this event and envision with us how to create a safer internet for Women.

In addition we will be hostingJigsawwho will talk more onPerspective APIand how it helps improve conversations online.

Register HERE to attend. See you then!

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