4th Annual AfricaHackon Conference

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  Published 30 May 2017
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The world of Cyber Security is changing rapidly and hackers are not taking a second to rest with their new methodologies of exploitation.

We have seen so many new attacks in the past few months and Kenya being a major target got a lot of people worrying about steps to take to be secure.

This year's Africahackon themed “Re-Purposing Adversary Tradecraft (Defense is Now)” aims at focusing on defense mechanisms that can be employed in our various workplaces as well as individual lives. The venue for this year's Conference will be the prestigious DusitD2 on the 23rd and 24th of June.

As usual, there has never been an Africahackon conference without LIVE demonstrations. We are taking it a notch higher to show you the latest methodologies Adversaries launch against your systems and networks. An analysis will be done reviewing the past global attacks and the best ways to stay secure with demonstrations to help deal with situations should you come across them in real life.

Solutions will also be given to these problems with best practices from experts in the industry.

Below are some of the Interesting topics to expect and much more:

  • The Art of Bootloader Unlocking: Exploiting Samsung Sboot
  • Breaking the Core(The trouble of Mobile Banking)
  • This Isn't a Hack, It's a Campaign
  • Hiding in Plain Sight: Dropbox Command and Control
  • The making of 2017 AH Conference Badge
  • HoneyHouse: A Damn Vulnerable Home Automation System
  • Naked in Cyberspace: The Corporate Cyberspace Menace You Don't Know

All the above come with LIVE DEMOs to show you what is really happening in the real world of Cyber Security and how to overcome them.

Looking forward to seeing you at the 4th Africahackon Conference

Tickets available on www.africahackon.com or www.jambolife.com

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