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  Published 18 Apr 2017
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For the last seven years, the iHub has increasingly become a nexus point, not only for the tech community in the region but also for the global technology ecosystem. We have hosted many panel discussions for the tech community in Nairobi to engage with, learn from, and be inspired by well known and respected local and global thought leaders, particularly in technology.

Below, we have sampled some of these panels from our two main eventsDevCraft and PIVOT East, that you might find interesting. Some are pretty long, but you can listen to them, say in the office, in the background as you walk or in traffic.


Dev Craft is a conference for software developers by software developers. Its aim is to raise the quality of the software craft in Kenya through providing access to a community that champions good software development practices

DevCraft 2016 Panel: Diversity in Software Development

This DevCraftKE panel focused on diversity and equal representation in the Kenyan tech scene.

DevCraft 2016 Panel: The Changing Developer Marketplace

This DevCraftKE panel focused on the different efforts seeking to change the way clients relate with developers.

DevCraft 2016 Panel: Block Chain

This DevCraftKE panel focused on the interesting innovations around block chain and what this means for the Kenyan tech ecosystem.


PIVOT East is East Africa’s premier  startups pitching competition and conference held annually since 2011. The competition is comprised of a series of activities that culminate in the finalists conference. About 100 startups from across East Africa have participated as finalists of past PIVOT East editions. And 20% of them have cumulatively raised over $5million in funding after their participation in the competition

PIVOT East 2014 Panel: Hype and Substance

This panel focused on comparing the startup ecosystem in East Africa to other successful places.

PIVOT East 2014 Panel: Synergies Between Developer Communities and Corporates in Mobile Technology

This panel focused on the synergies between developer communities and corporates in mobile technology.

PIVOT East 2014 Panel: The Relationship Between Innovation, Entrepreneurship and the Economy

This panel focused on the relationship between innovation, entrepreneurship and the economy.

Check out for more videos on our iHub YouTube channel here.

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