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  Published 09 Apr 2017
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We are finally starting to see the new space come to life and we couldn't be more excited with the progress so far.  Yes,  it’s  still under construction, but hey, we're getting there!  Things have been crazy and wonderful all at the same time this past one month since we moved into our new space.

The iHub is now housed on the 5th and 6th floors of Senteu Plaza, located in Kilimani at the intersection of Galana and Lenana Road. The 6th floor will be ready in a couple of weeks, only a few more installations. This floor will host private offices, meeting rooms, event space, dedicated desks, coffee bar and a lounge.

A huge thank you to those who have beared with us at this time and continued to work in our space. More to come, so watch this space and stay tuned!

Here is sneak peek of some of the features on the sixth floor to look forward to:

Co-working space

Our co-working space allows members to find a new way to work, collaborate with one another and surround themselves with other brilliant minds. In the new space, we have over 50 shared and dedicated desks. The co-working space will offer in-built access to services in the areas of law, business, human resource, health insurance, etc that are frequently needed by entrepreneurs. Come find your next co-founder or work on your big idea at our co-working space. To sign up for membership, please email [email protected]

Private Offices

We have 10 private glass offices in our space. The offices can accommodate between 1 - 4 people for the small office, and 1 - 12 people for the large office. The private offices provide the luxury of a private, enclosed space with the atmosphere and energy of a collaborative community. If you are interested in a private office, please email me[email protected]

Event Space

Want to host a networking event, meetup, workshop, lecture series, hackathons, demo day or company functions -- we got you covered! We welcome members and non-members to request the use of our space. Bring your event to life at our new versatile and flexible space which can be converted into a variety of seating arrangements and can accommodate up to 300 people. What are you waiting for, book today by simply sending an email to [email protected]

Meeting Rooms

We have various meeting rooms available, with a capacity ranging from 4 to 20 people. The meeting rooms will offer a private creative and productive atmosphere for our members and/or the public community to access. We will have at least 5 meeting rooms; 2 boardroom and 3 small meeting rooms. Meeting rooms are booked by the hour, half day or full day. Email [email protected] to book a meeting room.

Phone booths

We are bringing back phone booths! No, you won’t be able to enter and come out looking like Superman.  We all know that phone calls in a shared working space can be disruptive.  We will have two private phone booths that will help create a more respectful and productive coworking space. Members will be encouraged to use the phone books make and take their phone calls.


Stay tuned for more updates!  You’ll want to be here when we open the doors for the 6th floor.  Subscribe to our newsletter for these update and even more!

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