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  Published 14 Feb 2017
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The rise of many high standard players within the hospitality industry has resulted to a very stiff competition. Hence, food and amenities is no more a competitive advantage but rather common standards. Consequently, competitive advantage has shifted to how service is being delivered and the overall experience of clients. The overall experience of clients is strategical forged using ambience. Ambience is created by design, deco and ambient music within a space. Thus the continuous need for ambient music within hotels, restaurants, gyms and spa .

Unfortunately there are no services provides here in Africa that are solving that problem and players within this multi-billions industry have opted for foreign service providers who don't really get the market niche needs of this players.

Cover Cloud is leveraging on this unexploited opportunity by creatively providing a state of art , intelligent ,web platform with a huge database of unique and contemporary ambience music that local tv and radio station do not have.

The curated music is carefully selected to fit and embrace the different business strategies. Also their superb algorithm cautiously aligns the curated music to different time periods of the day in a way that just creates an optimum unique experience to visitors and employees.

Cover Cloud has a web platform that does not require music infrastructure needed by the existing ambient music service providers. They are using buffering techniques to ensure their users have music at all times even with internet downtime hence eliminating the need for music servers which constitute the music infrastructure needed by existing service providers.

Cloud Cover was started early last year by Luke Dennis a green member at the iHub. With less than one year of existence, they have been able to lock down 3 high end hotels, 4 spas and 3 gyms that they are working with.

They have partnered with individual music producers from Canada who will produce music for them. And are also pursuing a partnership with a Canadian music production house.

The startup is also a finalist at PIVOT East 2016 regional competition and conference in the entertainment category.

Cover cloud targets to acquire 10 more hotels, 10 other restaurants, 10 more spa's and 5 gyms. And also convert their current active users to paying users.

The startup strives to deliver high quality music for all subscribers with no adverts attached for both freemium and premium users. They simply have a production policy of “no crappy product”. They ensure music gets to their users with no quality loss through a strategically adapted content delivery network and a lossless music player.

Cloud cover is currently looking for funding to help them expand and grow their business. For more information about the startup, visit their website

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