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  Published 27 Jan 2017
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As we have been documenting and openly sharing over the past few months, we are in full swing with iHub 2.0. Today, we would like to announce our new suite of product offerings in a move that will cement our ongoing transition in 2017.


The role of the iHub going forward is to become the best African support system for ICT-focused tech entrepreneurs and individuals who aspire to create great companies that tackle some of our biggest challenges. — Dr. Kamal Bhattacharya, CEO


We will do this in multiple steps and phases, starting with a move to a new building in March of 2017, and launching three product lines: Entrepreneurship Journey, Innovation Journey and Investment Instruments. In a significant change from the current free-for-all model, the organisation will introduce several membership tiers, starting as low as $60/month.

Our product lines are all designed to create more investable individuals and entrepreneurs in Kenya. The Entrepreneurship Journey is a product line offering services such as incubation, program facilitation and the iHub Academy — a new product focusing on locally-relevant technical training. The goal is, in collaboration with our global and local partners, to master the art of creating the right kind of services that address the unique challenges in the East African market.  

The Innovation Journey product line will support the public and private sectors to get closer in practical ways to the iHub constituency. This will include corporate co-location at the iHub — where private sector players are invited to sit at the iHub and work with the iHub team and startups on innovation engagements. The iHub will offer a spectrum of services, such as design thinking and market testing that are crucial to innovation, bringing closer those who want to innovate with those who already are innovating.

The iHub is also going to be associated with an Innovation Fund as an exclusive investment partner to the iHub, and will engage, support and promote the best entrepreneurs across Africa. This product will be the basis for the iHub to support in very concrete terms. The fund will initially start by seeking $10m for the Nairobi iHub pilot, but grow to $40m over time targeting other countries as well. The fund will be managed outside of the iHub, but key iHub personnel will be engaged to manage the investment pipeline.

Below, we proceed to break down our membership plans and the three product lines.


Membership plans



What’s included


One day

Shared desk space


Floating Five

Shared desk space for 5 days


Community Desk

Shared desk space in the community


Shared Desk

Shared desk space for 1 month


Dedicated Desk

Dedicated workspace

$200/month (includes 5h small meeting room and 1h board room)

Offices (different sizes)

Dedicated offices including access
to events and many additional services

Upon request

Multiple Event Spaces

Hosting up to 60 people

Between $600-$1000/day


We will offer corporate sponsorship opportunities with branding, rooms, etc. Prices will be negotiable.



The iHub will be offering three product lines:

1.Entrepreneurship Journey

At the core of our product lines is everything that matters to the community of tech entrepreneurs, those who want to become entrepreneurs and/or are simply looking for jobs in the tech space. In this product line, we will offer the following services:

  1. Program Facilitation: In partnership with private and public sector organizations, we will facilitate the engagement of individuals and entrepreneurs with these external programs. Many of these were previously subsumed under the m:lab banner and will now be part of iHub.
  2. Events: We will continue to bring events into iHub as a paid service to those who want to run events in our space. We will continue to host impromptu meetupsfor the community free of charge at our discretion, if these are directly related to important events and policies that affect us all in Kenya.
  3. Incubation: We will continue to offer incubation services, but now under the iHub brand. These services can range from simply renting offices to fully-fledged incubation programs with support on everyday business aspects such as legal, accounting, etc.
  4. iHub Academy:We will invite organizations, who are interested in teaching our community about new technologies in meetups with a twist. We will work with dedicated organizations to localize this teaching and create iHub Academy branded content (videos, materials) that are relevant to our region. We will distribute this content through a dedicate landing page on our web-site.

Internally, we will not only facilitate these offerings by thinking we know what works, but we will define and invent the way it works in our context. In collaboration with other organizations we will create a blueprint for startups in Kenya and beyond.

2. Innovation Journey

The private sector and the public sector need to appreciatethe power of innovation. The economic situation demands deeper engagement of private and public sector alike with the entrepreneurial community. We offer our clients a chance to engage with us on an Innovation Journey consisting of a set of the products outlined:

  1. Design Thinking: We will offer engagement workshops to help our clients think through their problems and come up with solutions that make sense. We will engage our constituency as well as organizations outside the iHub to facilitate Design Thinking engagements to corporates and governments. This product will subsume our UX Lab into the iHub brand.
  2. Market Research: We will create a data-centric platform to offer services for understanding the local market context. This can be as wide-ranging as local market insights all the way to policy-relevant aspects. This product will be based on what we had as iHub Research.
  3. Software Consultancy: We will continue to deliver software development services, but our focus will be to bring more and more development engagements into the context of larger innovation engagements. We don’t want to compete with other software development vendors, but instead embed these engagements into a broader innovation discussion.
  4. Alpha-Testing: Especially for organizations outside Kenya with an interest in this market, we are positioned well to provide alpha-testing for their services, both using our access and our software development services.
  5. Corporate Colocation: We will offer local and global startups and corporates in-depth engagement by hosting members of their teams with us for a while, rather than or prior to setting up their own innovation centers.

3. Investment Instruments

Aside from our fellowship program, we are also going to develop, outside of the iHub, an Africa Innovation Fund (AIF). The AIF will be an exclusive investment partner of iHub, and will engage, support and promote the best entrepreneurs across Africa. This product will be the basis for the iHub to support in very concrete terms. The fund will initially start by seeking $10m for the Nairobi iHub pilot, but grow to $40m over time targeting other countries as well. The fund will be managed outside of the iHub, but key iHub personnel will be engaged to manage the investment pipeline. We believe that the stature and potential of the iHub is a terrific opportunity for investors to work with us and make leap-frogging real.



About the iHub

The iHub, founded in 2010, is a globally recognized organization that is deeply steeped in the local tech innovation culture. It is fair to say that the iHub has been both the main catalyst for regional tech acceleration and a role model for tech hubs across emerging markets. We serve the tech community, by connecting organizations and people, building market relevant solutions and being ahead of the curve of innovation. 100+ startups can trace their roots to the iHub. 1000+ individuals have at some point worked with us. Our mailing lists and events reach 10000+ people regionally and our social media outreach has exceeded 200k followers globally.

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