iHub and Danish Refugees Camp Android Training Program in Dadaab Camp - {Recap}

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  Published 09 Dec 2016
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iHub in partnership with Danish Refugee Camp (DRC) has been offering mobile application development training to refugees in Dadaab refugee camp, Garissa County. The main aim of the Android programming training program was to support students across the four refugee camps in Dadaab Refugee Complex to earn livelihoods, create self-reliance and access job markets.

The four month training which started in July saw 90 refugees in 4 main camps in Dadaab namely; Hagadara, IFO1, dagahaley and IFO2 trained on Android programming. The objective of the program was to teach new computing skill (android programming) to the students (ii) Use design process to identify challenges and carry out ideation for solutions (iii) Build solutions to a selected problem and (iv) Know how to distribute and monetize android apps particularly in the google app play store.

The course provided an in‐depth review of concepts, design strategies, tools and APIs needed to create, test and deploy android applications for mobile phones and occasionally connected mobile devices.

The students learnt these essential skills through theory and practical experience with particular emphasis on application development and business opportunities for mobile platforms. At the end of the course,the students were expected to build viable and innovative products that can be monetized and distributed on app stores, particularly those that address challenges in their home countries or will facilitate their resettlement back at home. Some of the apps developed include; Mmarket, mrefugee, mhealth and mreport

The fact that some of the students have progressed from previous basic computing skills, is a great achievement. Most importantly is that the students have been able to understand how to solve problems using technology. They were able to select four problems, learned to frame a design challenge, generate ideas of solutions and work on two of the solutions.

Most of the students experienced many personal challenges and also challenges that were contextual to the refugee camp. It was very encouraging to see that some of the solutions they came up with proposed to tackle these problems.

About Danish Refugee Council

Danish Refugee Council has been engaged by the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR), as one of its implementing partners (IPs) to undertake various activities on its behalf in Daadab within the Republic of Kenya, particularly the implementation of sponsorship programs and skills training which includes scholarships for students to study various Certificate, Diploma and Degree courses aimed at providing an opportunity for refugees to undergo formal training and upon graduation to contribute to the workforce in various vocations in the refugee camps in an effort to foster local economy and further harmony between refugees

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