2nd ICT4Social Innovation Conference 2016: Breaking Boundaries!

By Anne
  Published 21 Nov 2016
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IHub Kenya and SPIDER – THE SWEDISH PROGRAM FOR ICT IN DEVELOPING REGIONS are organising the second conference of the network ICT4SI (ICT for Social Innovation) on December 7th and 8th 2016 in Nairobi, Kenya.

“The ICT4SI Network and Conference is unique because we want to create a common language to stimulate social innovation through ICT in all sectors in line with the Agenda 2030 and the Sustainable Development Goals. Our method is to link various networks which garner an expertise from different sectors such as African technical developers, Entrepreneur programmes, Civil Society forums, businesses and public organisations” says Sheilah Birgen, iHub Kenya.

The Network
The ICT4SI is a Pan-African network that unites sectors for action driven solutions. The aim is to practically stimulate social innovation for improved Education and Health through Information & Communication Technologies (ICT). We want to:

  • Establish a network run by regional forums led by members in Western, Eastern and Southern Africa that define their specific goals for capacity building and partnerships
  • Offer members access to capacity building activities throughout the year
  • Gather collective intelligence and knowledge on how ICT presents opportunities for development and growth
  • Highlight and feature African social innovation and solutions regionally and globally

The Conference

  • Hosted in a different African country each year
  • 2016: 8th of December in Nairobi, Kenya, preceded by a dedicated Members Day on December 7th
  • Participants from across sectors and regions – technical developers, social entrepreneurs, civil society, health professionals, education specialist and academics, public and private sector organisations
  • PROACTIVE approach, solution driven engagement

Founding members are SPIDER and iHub Kenya. Other member organisations are:
Akirachix, Open University Tanzania, Idea4Africa, Bongo Hive, Totohealth, Hive Colab, Outbox, ITIDO, CIPESA, MobiCash, AIESEC Rwanda, ImpactHub Rwanda, TeleDoctor, C-Sema, CIO, UR, MSH Nigeria Idealab, Bridge2Rwanda, IGIHE Ltd., Femina HIP, Kaami Arts Org., Kianda Hub, AMREF Africa, kLab, and Reach for Change Africa. The network is continuously expanding.

Join us! Register on: http://ict4si.org

You can also see video highlights from the 2015 conference below

For more information about the network and the conference:

Anne Salim, iHub, anne[at]ihub.co.ke
Mariela Du Rietz Concha Ferreira, Spider-The Swedish Program for ICT in Developing Regions, mariela[at]spidercenter.org


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