Top-up and Withdraw Money from PayPal through Mpesa

By Egra Ombati
  Published 04 Nov 2016
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Chura, a startup that allows interoperability between different mobile networks in a multi-SIM environment has been making great leaps of growth since PIVOT East 2014. It recently introduced more services targeted at assisting techies, freelance writers, developers and entrepreneurs to transact online with ease.

The company has developed a platform integrating Mpesa with PayPal. With the service, Chura is working on making the already robust local mobile money platforms even more versatile by allowing smooth flow of funds between them and international payments systems such as PayPal.

With this new Chura Mpesa-PayPal service you can do the following :

  1. If you need to buy anything online such as web hosting space, web plug-ins or design themes you can now top-up your PayPal account with Mpesa instantly without a debit/credit card through and pay for any online service.
  2. For freelance developers and writers they can now withdrawal funds from PayPal to Mpesa in under a minute through

The idea behind calling the company Chura was because they allow you to leap from service to service with ease.

The company is also working on a virtual debit card slated to be out before the year end. You can find more on it and sign up for it at

Chura has demonstrated that the road to realizing practical, impactful products is not an easy one as they took over a year in finding a working and stable business model. However, with relentless spirit a working start-up can materialize.

More on Chura can be found at

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