UX Ambassadors with Mahua Cavanagh on Agile UX

By John Paul
iHub Community
  Published 04 Aug 2016
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After a hiatus of some months the UX Ambassadors group will meet again on August 29th 1700hrs to 1900hrs.

This time the buzz will all be about Lean UX and Agile and Mahua Cavanagh will be on hand to take 15 startups and other UX practitionerson how these techniques will work for them and how they come together.

Mahua has over 20 years of experience under her belt and has worked on projects and with international brands such as Mastercard and Paypal.

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The world of UX is filled with buzzwords and acronyms. Among them are Lean UX and Agile. What are they? What do they mean to UX practitioners? This talk will give an overview of both, explain how they come together, and the benefits gained from them.

Who should attend:

Any UX practitioner, but especially those in interaction design and strategy. Visual designers. Content designers. Anyone in product development who works with UX practitioners, visual designers, and content designers.


  • What is Agile? What is Lean UX?
  • How they come together to simplify processes in product development
  • Benefits:
    • Traceability
    • Accountability
    • Getting out of the deliverables business
  • Implications
    • Not everyone likes accountability
    • Can this work in an agency model, i.e. for clients?
    • How to vary the methodology to suit your workplace
  • Q&A


The UX ambassadors was a group formed by the first UX class that was run out of iHub UX lab by Samantha Merritt - they meet monthly to discuss emerging issues in UX and also do Outreach to institutions. They are also closely related to WananCHI the local chapter of SIGCHI.

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