Transdev Transport Challenge

By John Paul
iHub Community
  Published 15 Jul 2016
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In March Nicolas Detrie visited Nairobi... in a few minutes ofengaging with James the Chief Security Officer at the iHub he was introduced to some of the most enthusiastic entrepreneurs in Kenya.

So what happens when you mix someone from the one of the most successful transport companies in the world with some of the best creative problem solvers in the...

Well the result is obvious they take on the greatest challenge and in this case, they took on Nairobi's crazy traffic situation.

The goals were clear

Car sharing is a big way to unlock congestion, efficiency of current providers was also another way. Of course infrastructure - but this was clearly a government domain.

IMG_20151001_003223 Infrastructure is a government domain Ngong interchange source - Ma3Route


Pitch Day

Nicolas Detrie will be back on August 2nd and he will listen to pitches by these startups ShareCar, NaiMotion, MyRide Kenya, Pata Ride and maybe yours - if you are in this space email

[email protected] we can talk about business models and traction and see if you are ready for the Transdev Transport Challenge

If you need to polish up on your design stuff and pitch deck talk to Victoria Njiriithia [email protected]

If you need other terms and conditionsinformation talk to Esther [email protected]




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