Office Space Analysis in Nairobi

By Chris Orwa
Data Science Lab
  Published 06 Jul 2016
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Ever thought of where to locate your office? Herein are a collection of charts that analyze office spaces in Nairobi.

rent_nairobi Analysis and Visualization by Michael Beilman

Kilimani has the cheapest rates while Riverside drive has the most expensive office space. It seems Hurligham has little variation in the cost of office space with an average rate of Kshs. 400,000 per month. Another metric for evaluating office spaces is the size – the chart below shows the comparative analysis of office spaces by neighborhoods.

office_size Analysis and Visualization by Michael Beilman

Cost per Square Foot
Averaging office space size and monthly rent give an indicator (cost per square feet) - it is the standard real estate metric for pricing office spaces.Although Kilimani has the cheapest office spaces, it also has a high cost per square feet - meaning you pay a higher cost for a smaller space. The diagram below shows office locations ranked by cost per square feet.


Office Supply
Research conducted by Britamindicates Westlands and Upperhill will have the highest number of office supplies in 2016 as shown in the diagram below. Kilimani still lags behind in office supply yet has a high cost per square feet.



Parking Space
When it comes to parking spaces, you’ll pay averagely more in Westlands than anywhere else. Gigiri has the highest cost of parking per bay with Karen having the least variation in parking prices.


Easy access via public transport is a plus for an office block/space. A combination of matatu routesand points of origin gives a good indication on accesiblity of a lcaotion.


Kilimani has the best access by public transport with four terminus as points of transit origin and plied by many routes. Westlands has the highest number of matatu routes but limited in points of transit origin.



So, where is the optimum location for setting up a startup? - Westlands offers the best option. Mediumcost per square feet, easy access by public transport and a large supply of office spaces.

Cover Image:Catalin Marin

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