Mobile Interaction Design By and For Emergent Users

By John Paul
iHub UXlab
  Published 27 Jun 2016
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Matt Jones, Simon Robinson and Jennifer Pearson from Swansea University will be at the iHub today talking about ubiquitous computing

In mainstream tech regions such as California, London or Shanghai, mobile and ubiquitous computing researchers commonly envisage potential long-term futures.

In contrast, for developing regions there has been a focus on more immediate concerns, with a wide range of studies considering how to apply low-end or limited features of more advanced mobile devices and services to support user groups.

While this work is incredibly important (and impactful) the Swansea team argue that without a complementary longer-term perspective, emergent user groups will be destined to always having to adapt to technologies designed from a “first world” perspective.

In these talksthe Swansea teampresent some of their most recent research prototypes, and also report on how they're using envisioning approaches common in developed region contexts, and applying them in developing regions to help move the research and development agenda in different directions

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