Finance in motion giving back in Nairobi

By Mercy Deche
iHub Consulting
  Published 21 Mar 2016
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When it comes to core IT systems development, Finance in Motion turns to its Nairobi office. One of the main reasons for selecting the Kenyan capital for programming lies with iHub, a co-working space where the nation’s young developers can meet donors and investors, share ideas, and build competences in the field of IT entrepreneurship.

This key hotspot of the Kenyan tech community has broadened the skills of many programmers, some of whom now work with us. Since the program has been so good to Finance in Motion, we decided it was time to give back. In early March, company staffers joined with iHub to offer a one-day workshop entitled "Software Development, Professionally".

The purpose of the workshop was to share some of the best practices and methodologies Finance in Motion uses to deliver quality code in a professional environment. A welcome by-product of the day was how we helped dispel the myth that creativity, innovation, and leading-edge technologies fall victim to regulated corporate structures, especially in the finance vertical.

Irene and Henry took a well-focused audience of about 40 young developers on a journey through the latest trends of software development methodologies, quality assurance, web technologies, and innovations.If the number of questions from the audience long after wrap-up time was any indicator of interest, then we have to conclude that the subject was undoubtedly well-received.Some of the feedback from our participants included.

I liked the initiative and "lets help others in the community" attitude displayed by finance in motion.
The vast knowledge about software development was practical and easy to relate to
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