Guest Lecture: Probabilistic Programming

By Chris Orwa
Data Science Lab
  Published 25 Jan 2016
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iHub Research’s Data Lab is pleased to be hosting Brian Muhia for our second guest lecture on the 11th February 2016 from 5:30 pm at iHub UX Lab (ground floor, Bishop Magua building). Brian will be speaking on Probabilistic Programming Languages. Probabilistic programming languages are high-level scripting language that makes it easy for developers to define and solve probability models. This vastly reduces the time and effort associated with implementing new models and understanding data.

As high-level programming languages transformed developer productivity by abstracting details of the processor and memory architecture; probabilistic languages promise to free the developer from the complexities of high-performance probabilistic inference. Brian will be giving a tutorial introduction to one of the languages, with a focus on simple and powerful applications. He will also be highlighting data science projects implementing probabilistic programming.

About Brian

Brian Muhia is a software engineer at Savannah Informatics, an artist, and a former volunteer at the Machine Intelligence Research Institute. His interest in data science stems from his formal training as a mathematician at JKUAT, as well as a long-standing interest in artificial intelligence and machine learning. He first encountered probabilistic programming in 2013, having read the book Probabilistic Programming and Bayesian Methods for Hackers by Cam Davidson Pilon.

Sign up for the lecture here. While the lecture is free, space is limited so be sure to grab your spot.



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