Consulting 3.0 - a time to grow

By Kennedy Kirui
iHub Consulting
  Published 14 Dec 2015
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iHub Consulting has now been around for around three years. Over that period we have learnt a lot about the freelance software ecosystem in Kenya. We have worked with some of the most brilliant techies in the Kenyan ecosystem. We have had dizzying heights and a some low moments but through it all we worked as a team. Along the line we have lost some of the team members. We had to drop one or two because they didn’t fit with our working culture. A few moved on to greater things; we are happy for them. Most of them are still with us. As a team we have all grown and worked on how we can grow the community more. Our consultants initiated ideas like the Craftsmanship Series. We are all vested in the success of iHub Consulting. We also want to have more people in our team without having too much overheads.
Along the line we have worked on a scaling model and we think we have almost figured it out now. We quickly realised that there is a huge shortage of highly skilled software freelancers. This shortage is even more acute in Europe and the US. That is an opportunity that we are in a good position to take. The details haven’t been hammered out yet and so we can’t share much at the moment. Early next year we will do a call for more freelancers to join our team. Unlike the previous year we won’t stop working with the current team. We have realised that it takes longer to build a strong team and hence would prefer to work with them longer. We are increasing our team size and restructuring how we work to make it possible for newfreelancers to join our team.
So what next? Brush up your skills and look out for a call to apply early in 2016. We will give more details about the kind of freelancers we are looking for then.
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