Fjord is Here - Living Services Session

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  Published 02 Dec 2015
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Fjord is a service design company that started up in the days after the dot com crash and built an international network of studios doing work on the frontline of digital technology.
The company is now owned by Accenture but continues to operate under Fjord management and with the same brand name.
Euan and Olly will talk aboutliving servicesfor 25 - 30 minutes followed by a Q&A and discussion.

"Living services are the next wave of digital. They are born out of two forces – the digitisation of everything & liquid customer expectations. Why are they living? Because they involve automation of low maintenance actions, are powered by data and analytics that predict our behaviour, and are embedded in the sensors we carry around with us throughout our lives.


Fjord have built a successful business on high tech
Here is their mantra

  • When we defend, we’re helping our clients discover, test and prove new paths to value for existing products offerings and services.
  • When we differentiate, we’re helping expand from existing products and services to new businesses.
  • When we disrupt, we’re designing radically new businesses and operating models for markets that don’t exist yet.

Euan and Olly introduce Living Services with some example case studies, and show that start-ups and new-to-digital companies are ideally placed to steal a march on the legacy incumbents in this emerging landscape.”

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