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iHub UXlab
  Published 09 Nov 2015
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Beginning November the iHub UX lab will be offering a subsidized User Experience Packageto iHub green members giving them a chance learn and apply the design thinking process to their projects. This package is designed to offer the same high quality output associated with the iHub UX lab but with the added advantage that the client is actually part of the process. It is not only a service that helps your company grow and identify loopholes that need to be addressed but also a learning experience that allows you to walk away with UX knowledge that will prove invaluable in future endeavors that you might want to undertake


This package is exclusively eligible to iHub's green members only.

Activities included are:

  • Introductory lesson to UX basics and fundamentals
  • Fieldwork (Participatory User Research)
  • Data analysis & business model thinking


This package is designed for startups looking to understand their clients and streamline their business models. The green package is for those who ;

  • Have that great idea and need validation that the user actually needs their service/product before bringing it to life.
  • Are looking to understand the aspects of their users that are not visible when coding and developing.
  • Are willing to dispel assumptions on their users for concrete data.
  • Are looking for comparative advantage over their competition that can only be gained through understanding your users.

The total cost is 10,000 Ksh.

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