Behance Appreciation Award

By Evans Mwendwa
  Published 12 Oct 2015
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On the 30th of October 2015 one of the biggest creative events in the world will kickoff at the iHub. The Behance Portfolio review week will be an evening where creatives can share, experience and get feedback on their portfolios. The event will start at 3:30pm at the iHub co-working space (4th Floor, Bishop Magua Centre) and we will be expecting over 70 creatives to join us for this years event. During the event, expect to meet creatives, entrepreneurs, digital designers, visual artists, illustrators, ux designers, photographers, film makers, game creators and creative technologists.

During this event we will be looking forward to promote the creative life in Nairobi, help our creatives stay networked and allow creatives to receive feedback on how to improve their portfolios. This event will give you a valuable opportunity to meet new, like-minded people, so make the most of it!

  1. Don't forget your business cards
  2. Bring some good "Opener" questions
  3. Clarify who you want to meet (Are you looking to meet like-minded people, business partners e.t.c)
  4. Follow Up (After the event ensure to follow up on the people you met at the event)

Submit your Portfolio for review

Grab your ticket (20 tickets released today)

Today we have released 20 tickets to the event. If you did not get a chance to signup during the previous announcement, this is your last chance to grab a ticket to attend the event. Please RSVP using the link below and come back to the page to continue reading the post (very important info below).

RSVP Link:

Portfolio Review and Showcase

Please submit a project that you feel represents your entire portfolio in any of the categories below. We will take time to appreciate some of the best portfolios submitted and the very top will receive a Behance Appreciation Award.

Submit your Portfolio (NB: Please only submit portfolios hosted on Behance)

1.Graphic Design
2. Photography
3. Interaction design and User interface design
4. Illustration
5. Film and Multimedia

The Behance Appreciation Award

As mentioned above some of the best portfolios will receive the Behance Appreciation award. This is an elegant Award provided by Behance as part of the Portfolio Review Week Kit and we have just a few coins to give out the the best creatives in the country. To qualify for this award please ensure you have submitted your portfolio for review in the above form. We will also expect you to attend the event and join us to review and critique the portfolios.



Follow-up info: Please keep watch on the iHub Blog as in the next few days I will be posting a blog containing the creative career manual from behance - a good guide on making your behance portfolio professional.

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