Tajriba 2015, Day One; Building Innovative Capacity

By Abu Okari
iHub UXlab
  Published 06 Oct 2015
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It’s Tajriba time again, that time of the year when we talk about all things design from a user centred perspective. Yesterday, the first session of this year’s saw Nasreen Dhanji of Blue Sky Innovations led a session on how to build innovative capacity, as individuals and in the organization where you work. Drawing from the story of some of the most innovative people in history like Steve Jobs, Dhanji demonstrated how different factors contribute to innovation. She also went through the characteristics of an innovator,central of all being that an innovator is able to observe keenly and establish useful connections between different factors.

Below is a sample of some of the take-aways from yesterday’s session.

Actively seek out ideas. Network with others who have new ideas(especially those outside your field/organization)

Answer these questions for your organization; Why, How and What.

People do not buy what you do,they buy why you do it.

Innovative companies make work matter. They make people understand why they do what they do

You can only extract full potential from your employees if they feel they are contributing to something bigger than themselves

Innovation is challenge driven not idea driven

Innovators constantly seek out and try new experiences.

For a bit by bit breakdown of yesterday’s session, check out our twitter handle @iHubUXLab .

Take part, follow the conversation, send questions and any form of feedback through the above handle and the hash tag #Tajriba2015.

Tajriba will be going on for the next two weeks. For more details, go to ihub.co.ke/Tajriba

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