Tajriba is Coming - The UX month in Nairobi 2015

By John Paul
iHub UXlab
  Published 14 Sep 2015
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Oh well not really it was 3 years ago in 2013 the first Tajriba was held.

This was the first time a UX month was being done in Africa. You can read how that went down from this blog post by Mark Kamau who orchestrated this feat.

Partners from all over the world supported this mission and their stories are most interesting such as Erik Flowers Principal Service Experience Designer at Intuit who received his invite through a tweet from Kagonya Awori or Susan Draya leader in the UX field who contributed in the founding of ACM's SigCHI chapter and found this new development in Kenya - a must do.

2014 was no different and Erik Flowers for the second time with Professor Nic Bidwellfrom University of Namibia, Samantha Merritt the iHub UX lab lead and Mark Kamau led the sessions.

Fast forward three years later Tajriba has come a full circle with many of the objectives Mark had set out in his vision in 2013 having been achieved.

A community has grown around User Experience, Design Thinking and Human Centered design. There is monthly meetings held at the iHub UX lab by the UX ambassadors and WananCHI the Kenyan chapter of ACM's SigCHI has grown in membership and has run sessions every month in 2015 at Strathmore's iLab.

In the rest of Africa - well UX conferences are being held in South Africa and elsewhere - a great light is shining on the dark continent.

Zeldman says "Designers don't retire - they die".

The problems and opportunities facing Kenya now more than ever need UX and a Human Centered approach to get contextual solutions to contextual problems.

The communities of UX ambassadors and WananCHI or the iHub UX lab facility are champions of this but the task ahead is huge - to bring every start up founder, every innovator(tech and non-tech), every government strategist... every Not for profit funding organization to take this approach in solving human problems.

It is time for UX to scale - and it is time for Tajriba 2015.


You can be a part of this great movement and part of the Nairobi UX culture. Keep watching this space for more updates on speakers and activities.

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