Guest Lecture - R Data Table and Big Viz

By Chris Orwa
Data Science Lab
  Published 10 Sep 2015
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Are you an aspiring Data Scientist? We have good news for you! – iHub Research's Data Lab will be hosting a series of guest lecturers in the coming Month on Data Science best practices .First up, Henk Harmsen, a Data Scientist with KPMG and CRedit360 where he designs visualizations to give a 360-degree view of EHS, Compliance, Energy and Carbon, Corporate Social Responsibility and Supply Chain information. He also carries out environmental audits on complex sites, mostly petrochemicals and upstream oil & gas, in the Middle East and North America.

Over the years, he has relied on R as a core analysis software and in particular the data.table package which provides an enhanced version of data.frame for blazing fast data manipulations. The data.table R package is currently being adopted in computationally intensive fields such as finance and genomics. Come learn from a data.table evangelist.

The lecture will be on 25th of September from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm at the iHub UX Lab Ideation room. Kindly register here to attend.

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