Fireside Chat with Brian Chesky Co-founder and CEO of Airbnb

By The Editor
  Published 27 Jul 2015
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“Anybody can build a global company.” Brian Chesky, Co-Founder and CEO, Airbnb

Well, he has been described as the poster child of sharing economies. He has helped build Airbnb to what it is today; a global company that enables any person to become a sort of entrepreneur, and he has made people open up their homes to total strangers.

It is therefore not surprising to note that he filled our community space yesterday, and almost everybody in the room was an entrepreneur, or a budding entrepreneur. More interesting is one of the observations he made, that the energy in Nairobi’s entrepreneurship scene(if I may call it that) is not different from that in SF, or any other place he has been to.

He also stated that anybody can build a global company, and where it was made is a non-issue. He is quite eloquent, which is why it is advisable you listen to the whole chat by yourself.

Check out his insightful & open talk about his journey to build Airbnb into the global community that it is today.

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