By John Paul
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  Published 17 Jul 2015
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It is common to hear in pitches here in Nairobi participants saying the biggest obstacle to implement their tech solution in “rural schools” is lack of internet. I can visualize the audience here at the iHub or at the 16 other hubs that have grown in the city nod in agreement with his/her point as the “pitching person” goes on and on...

Schools beating Stereotypes Schools beating Stereotypes

Here I am in the mountains of Voi in a school that would be a perfect example of a rural school for the “Pitcher Person” the only problem is – it would ruin the pitch.

Just when I would write it off as a fluke over two days we visit more schools Mwakitawa secondary and Kajire secondary and the story is the same.


Througha project known as Sote ICT someone decided to take some action. Aided by Pontis Foundation and the Slovak government, Kasigau Trustinstalled full labs that could rival some schools and hubs in Nairobi.

Yakub of Pontis Foundation Yakub of Pontis Foundation


Cynthia of Ujirani is a special girl here at the iHub. Recently out of her teens she is running one of the most promising start ups in Nairobi. Well maybe she is a good sign of the future – the teens are coming.

We were amazed as young girls and boys talked about virtual companies they were running. From a virtual bank to start ups one built around an exotic Kenyan fruit another based on promoting Kenyan Cultural jewellery.

The Teens are Coming The Teens are Coming

With 5,000 students in the program and 20 virtual start ups the teens are surely coming.


Clearly we had our work cut-out. iHub has mythical status with tech in Africa and here were young minds and hearts in Voi listening to us… tell them of this place where young people take on huge societal problems, work against great odds fail and succeed spectacularly and change the world.

James delivered the promise of ICT James delivered the promise of ICT

James delivered the promise of ICT based careers and futures and also the open door of the iHub to all those seeking a home for a start up or a way of life in life changing tech.

Florence of Made In Nairobi was just what the girls needed as inspiration towards entrepreneurship.

Florence of Made In Nairobi Florence of Made In Nairobi

Also if you ever thought UX was difficult and taking a human centered approach with your start up was time consuming… these young minds do not agree with you and they did two hours of learning this approach and the steps to apply to their virtual companies.

Time to Brainstorm Time to Brainstorm


Teacher Teddy - teachers on The Frontline for ICT Teacher Teddy - teachers on The Frontline for ICT

Unemployment in Kenya is at 43% even our teachers at the frontline realize that and they are preparing the students to be job creators and problem solvers.

Sote ICT is planning to set up a hub in Voi mainly to take care of its graduating high school students and of course iHub through the outreach team will be there with them to support them and spread the iHub culture and spirit as well as share our experience


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