Buildathon: Open CV with Intel Edison

By Rachel Gichinga
iHub Research
  Published 22 May 2015
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Hello hacker! iHub Research has partnered with Intel to bring to you our most fascinating buildathon yet:OpenCV with the Intel Edison Development Board! In this buildathon, we’ll be looking at integrating visual recognition systems into a slew of different projects. Pre-selected and vetted, we believe these projects will be challenging but also exciting enough to drive your insatiable thirst for knowledge. We'll also be looking into some exciting integrations of SMS and USSD courtesy of our friends at Africa's Talking. Note: For the purpose of this buildathon, our primary programming language will be Python, but other languages can be used if you feel are more adept at a language other than Python and provided it has an OpenCV wrapper. What is expected of you? 1. Read up on the material we will send you prior to the day and familiarize yourself with OpenCV concepts. 2. Build up on your projects after the Buildathon and prepare for a post-event follow up two weeks after. 3. Be curious, collaborative and - most importantly - be prepared to have lots of fun! Lunch, snacks and refreshments will be available on the day. Interested in attending? Sign up here. Have any questions? Ping [email protected] To see what exciting developer projects have been built, developed and supported by Intel, browse through Intel’s Make It Wearable Competition website where developers all around the world are duking it out to win KES 123 million in prizes! 17575219758_5824e72b53_z
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