May 2015 PHP User Group Meetup

By Jacob Chencha
  Published 03 May 2015
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Laravel is a popular PHP framework. The framework which bills itself as "The PHP Framework for web artisans" has made its mark from an expressive and beatiful syntax.

AngularJS is also a popular Javascript framework. This framework works by extending HTML with its own custom attributes. It is intuitive and easy to learn yet a very powerful tool in the hands of a competent developer.

Now comes the good part. We will be hosting Zack from Africa is talking. He will take us through integration of the two powerful platforms to build a full fledged application.

You don't want to miss this session to be held at the iHub UXLab on Tuesday May 5th 5:30 to 7:00pm.


Thanks to our partners at jetbrains, we will be giving out a free license of PHPStorm. The product normally retails at $99.

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