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  Published 04 Feb 2015
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Chase Bank and iHub signed a partnership this morning, which will see the two organisations collaborate in an effort to create a technologically advanced ecosystem that improves accessibility, and offer more affordable and convenient products and services to its client base and the general public. The partnership seeks to fully enhance innovation through the use of technology, with Chase bank supporting a number of influential initiatives hosted by the iHub and m:lab in technology and enterprise. Josiah Mugambi, the Executive Director of The iHub, said “I am happy to jointly announce the start of this partnership and to continue to create opportunities for many and change the world that they live in. Over the nearly five years it has been in existence, the iHub has played a critical role in catalysing the growth of the technology ecosystem. It has done this by acting as a connector, allowing world captains in business and technology to meet with aspiring entrepreneurs, as well as developers, engineers, investors and founders to meet.” This is not the first time Chase Bank is partnering with iHub. For a while now, the monthly Entrepreneurship Fora that are hosted by Prof. Bitange Ndemo at iHub have the bank as one of the sponsors. Similarly, Chase Bank is a major sponsor for Pivot East, a flagship startup pitching conference that runs under the auspices of m:lab East Africa. The iHub, which will be marking five years since inception come March this year, now has a community of close to five thousand members. Chase Bank (K) Ltd has moved to enter into a long-term partnership with iHub Kenya Limited to gain access and work closely to the highly innovative technology community of East Africa. This partnership will see Chase Bank make ground-breaking strides to move beyond mobile money payments to virtual currencies and cashless economies. It will aid in financial services innovation that will extend conversations in the banking sector beyond traditional modes of transacting to a technology driven system. IMG_6393_1Mr Chege Thumbi, Group Director IT and Operations, Chase Bank, said the bank will fully utilize this partnership to nurture the best technologically advanced innovation eco system that will see innovative products and innovative solutions being birthed that will enable our clients to achieve what matters to them most. Mr. Raj Singh, Director of Special Projects at Chase Bank further emphasized that “novelty is at the heart of our operations, we are continually on the lookout for leading edge ideas to provide solutions to our customers, therefore this partnership will give us an opportunity to fully explore these ideas and see how to best implement them for customer satisfaction as well as staff satisfaction where applicable”. Innovation is a key impetus in the achievement of Kenya’s Vision 2030, which pledges to create intensified applications of science, technology and innovation to raise productivity and efficiency levels across the three pillars. Therefore this partnership greatly contributes towards making Kenya a globally competitive and prosperous nation by creating an enabling environment that encourages and enhances the development, expansion and use of information communications technology. “ We are excited to fuel the ecosystem through innovation and look forward to this long-term partnership with Chase Bank,” Jessica Colaco, Partnerships Director at the iHub conluded.
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