August Kids Hacker Camp: Maker-Breaker Day

By Angela Okune
iHub Robotics
  Published 21 Jul 2014
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By Wachira Ndaiga Kids Hacker Camp is a week-long camp hosted at*iHub_– Nairobi’s Innovation Hub for the technology community. The camp is aimed at kids and teens aged 7 – 18 years, who are drawn to and interested in crafting, hacking, discovering and tinkering. The camp is envisioned and designed to provide an engaging platform on which children and teens can interactively learn, explore and build; spurring them to understand the world around them, analogue and digital. This exposure and tutelage will then go on to help them build skills in design/creativity, critical & systems thinking, collaboration and self-confidence. This edition of the Kids Hacker Camp focuses on System Thinking through Physical Computing. We believe that an understanding of how different agents within the environment interact will go a long way in helping the students learn about the world around them (science). The physical computing plugs-in to provide them with an avenue to understand how one can purposefully interact with this environment for desired outputs, i.e. using hardware to sense, compute & actuate. The Camp will run from the 18th to the 22ndof August, with a showcase held on the 23rdof August (Saturday). New to this edition, we will be holding our first ‘Maker-Breaker Day’ on the 9th of August from 9 a.m. - 3 p.m. during which the kids’ interests will be identified and their capabilities assessed. The students will thereafter be tentatively grouped in four categories - Gaming, Electronics, Programming and Crafting. This will be done in an effort to initially encourage growth in their personal areas of interest, gradually building off of these into new topical areas. The ‘Maker-Breaker Day’ is a free, requisite event for the kids who will take part in the August Kids Hacker Camp. All student participants will be required to carry packed lunch and snacks for the Maker-Breaker day. To register your child for The Kids Hacker Camp: Maker-Breaker Day and the following Kids Hacker Camp: Maker Week, please visit and fill in this online registration form. If you would like additional information, feel free to contact us at rnd[at]  
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