Gearbox - A Space for Tinkering and Making Things

By Jessica Colaço
  Published 09 Sep 2013
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Gearbox is a new makerspace in Kenya.The culture of making in Kenya has been there for decades and sometimes passes unnoticed in the form of Jua Kali artisan merchandise, carpenters and woodworkers, metal tinkerers, artists, welders, and electronic technicians. Closer home, we’ve grown a community of hardware and electronics enthusiast we call iHub Robotics. This is an ever growing community of tech enthusiasts, hackers and makers who enjoy building hardware projects. iHub Robotics organises hackathons, boot camps, workshops and meetups aimed at bringing people together to share, build and create.

The iHub over the last three years built a diverse community of techies working in software, many of whom have been able to grow their ideas into business ventures that focus on the needs of emerging markets. Based on the success of the iHub, both in sparking innovation in Kenya and inspiring the setup of similar hubs in the continent, we want to create a makerspace. We want a space that makes tools and high-tech equipment available to the community who are passionate about creating new technologies and innovative ideas, as an extension of the ideas created.

Photo credit: MakerFaire Africa 2010 Photo credit: MakerFaire Africa 2010

We’re calling it the Gearbox- Nairobi’s first makerspace and open rapid prototyping space.  Gearbox will be a space for all kinds of makers- electronics tinkerers, hardware enthusiasts, artists and designers.

Gearbox will be a unique space for members for showcase their innovative ideas, as well as share skills while providing a platform for capacity building in line with the integration of hardware skills with the vast software expertise available.

A quadcopter built by Liz, a member of iHub Robotics A quadcopter built by Liz, a member of iHub Robotics

We’re excited to have you be a part of this and join us on by registering here.

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