Summer Data Jam - Making Data Work For You Through Research

By Jessica Colaço
iHub Research
  Published 17 Jul 2013
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Global companies are generating data on a petabyte scale; this data contains valuable information that can drive insights, innovations and discoveries. Data is the building block of information, fueling the algorithmic world. But with so much data being produced, how can we process it? Visualization techniques allow users to understand vast amounts of data that we can’t parse. Data analysis and visualization is not just for science, but humanities as well. Through the Summer Data Jam, we are bringing together a fusion of students from different backgrounds and teaching them the basics of research and data visualization. “Research is the systematic investigation into and study of materials and sources in order to establish facts and reach new conclusions.” According to Prof. Tim Waema from University of Nairobi, “ A researcher must learn to argue and defend their facts and conclusions” At the Summer Data Jam, we are teaching students how to think critically and form research postulates in their area of interest. They can then embark on the data journey of collection, cleaning, coding, analysis and reporting and create visualizations, using different visualization techniques. The Summer Data Jam will be running for the next 6 weeks and the final output will be presentations from the students. In the next 6 months, iHub Research will officially launch its new Data Science and Visualization lab with the Summer Data Jam running once a year between July and August.
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