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Free iPhone Unlock/Jailbreak

By John Troon - Monday 19th November 2012 6 comments

I like diving in to new stuff just to kill my curiosity, for a couple of weeks now have been meddling around with Iphone 4 and 4s Gsm and CDMA. I was able to Unlock Iphone 4 with Gavey SIM pro but it works well only for older versions of the Iphone firmware, for version 4 and above I had to jailbreak and used UltraSnow but also SAM works. While I had no trouble with the opration, I realised messing with the Baseband of the firmware in your Iphone while Jailbreaking can be a pain in your ass! Save your Blobs in Cyda server before upgrading or downgrading. If you are using a higher version of firmware (6.*) please ensure your Blobs are saved too and try using Redsn0w to jailbreak. Though there is still no untethered jailbreak for latest firmwares, use the teathered mode for the latest firmwares, Using CYda download and use Ultrasnow or SAM to unlock your phone. Contact me for any other detailed unlock, jailbr

edgar chris | Saturday 1st December 2012

can you share just alittle about this idea

edgar chris | Monday 3rd December 2012

sounds like a good idea..

MANUEL ODHIAMBO | Tuesday 20th November 2012

The idea is a simple, very popular one everywhere in the world and covers all generations,classes and can generate good money,can involve companies,individuals,families.If you are interested please send me an email and we arrange .

MANUEL ODHIAMBO | Saturday 1st December 2012

Yeah,the idea is what we would like to do in another way,just more safer,secure and fairly with no time and social limit.With the mobile phone around,we can even make it more fun and easier

MANUEL ODHIAMBO | Monday 3rd December 2012

Are you interested?

Melanie Gatonye | Wednesday 14th November 2012

Whats the idea?