East Africa's first UX, design, testing and training lab.



User Experience Research

This will involve in-depth user experience studies on your product resulting in practical insights for improvements. This in effect means a better product that meets the targeted users’ needs in the way they want them met; therefore resulting in true value.

Design Master classes

We will be offering design thinking, user experience and overall design master classes to help grow a world-class design community. Most designers in the region understand design only from a tool mastery perspective. It is important to understand design-thinking approaches and benchmark your skills against global standards. We are here to help you get there by collaborating with global leaders to bring these skills to you.

Ideation/ training space for hire

For design teams who want to crunch out ideas; sticky notes; life-size wall-to-wall white boards; overhead projection. We have a space perfect for deeply thinking through ideas without distraction and with all you need to get it done.