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Call for Concept NotesAnyone

  • Venue: ICTD2012
  • Date: Monday 12th March 2012
  • Starts: 8:00am
  • Ends: 1:00pm

ICTD African Researchers Network,  

This is a call for short (1-2 pager) concept notes by Africa-based researchers for ICTD2012!
As a follow up to the 2010 Panel on ICT and Development in Africa at ICTD2010 London, a group of Africa-based researchers gathered in the lunch hall of the Royal Holloway Hub and there began the first gathering of the ICTD Africa Researchers Network.  This is a group of African or Africa-based scholars determined to improve the academic ICTD research being produced in Africa.

The group focuses on the following goals: 1) amplifying individual voices and raising the visibility of African ICTD researchers; 2) creating a space for researchers to tell their own story; 3) shaping ICTD discourse on quality research and acceptable publication options; and 4) improving quality of research and publication output from Africa, ultimately with the goal of closing the participation gap in ICTD research.

This session will provide a space to collaborate practically on research ideas and quality with the goal of producing short papers for future publication.

If you wish to join us, please send your 1-2 pager to Kathleen ( or Bobby (  We have limited spaces due to room size so be sure to secure you spot in the session with your concept note. 

You are also welcome to join the ICTD African Researchers Network listserv by requesting an invitation to

This will be the first event within the ICTD conference to target Africa-based research collaboration. It creates space to showcase Africa-based work.  This session provides opportunities to exchange knowledge on how to polish research so that it meets the standards of international conferences. This session will allow for collective representation of research being done at African institutions. In improving the visibility of researchers based in Africa, we hope that work which has been previously missed will make ICTD more fulfilling in its goal of featuring research originating in the developing world. 

Any ICTD Africa research you want to brainstorm or discuss, kindly send your brief 1-2 pager to us by 15 Feb 2012. 
We look forward to hearing from Africa!  Brought to you by the organizing team:

ICTD African Researchers Network,  Kathleen Diga, Paul Plantinga, Robert Kabutey Okine, Shikoh Gitau, Jessica Colaco, David Hutchful, Ilda Ladeira, University of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban, South Africa; Monash University, Johannesburg, South Africa; Kwame  Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), Ghana;  Research @iHub , Nairobi, Kenya; Grameen Foundation.