The Kenya Tech Communities
Biggest Celebration… Ever!

We’ve come a long way as a tech community in the last 5 years. It’s time to celebrate the growth and appreciate everyone who has made it happen. iHub is facilitating the largest tech gathering in Kenya (ever), where all of the tech companies and individuals who made this happen are welcome. It’s a community event by all of us, for all of us!
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Bring your Ticket
Event Starts at
No Tickets will be sold at the Entrance
Ticket Selling is now Closed


2pm – 6pm

Tech Job Fair and Showcase

It starts on Saturday afternoon at 2pm with a tech job fair, speed dating for techies, and a chance for everyone to demo what they are doing. We have tons of space available, so there are few limitations on what you can do if you want to show off what you’ve done as a company, and what your focus for the next year is. Plans for big media to be at the event are underway.
6pm – 8pm

Food and Drinks

At 6pm it’s time to eat and hang out. There is a stage where each company who is a part of this can get 5 minutes to talk to 3,000+ of Kenya’s tech community about what they need, and “what’s next”. No boring speeches, so keep it short and to the point. It’s at this time where we’ll take the time to honor 100 of the people who have done great things in the community over the last 5 years.
8pm – onwards

Music and Party

At 8pm, the party begins. We have the help of Blinky Bill of Just-a-Band and Tosh who are getting the bands and DJs lined up. You’re likely not prepared for this, but do come anyway and enjoy the party!

What part will YOU play?

In preparation for this tech community celebration, Kenya’s newest startups and biggest companies are already helping to make it happen, here’s who is in:

Intel, Google, IBM Research, Craft Silicon,
Cheki, Cellulant, OLX, Seven Seas, Virtual City, M-KOPA, Chase Bank, Uber

Innova, Fireside, Angani, BRCK, Wezatele, Able Wireless, Ushahidi,
Akirachix, Africa's Talking, Sendy, Toto Health, Kopo Kopo, Savannah Fund, M-Farm, FrontlineSMS, Pete’s, Umati Capital

Some larger companies are helping with covering costs associated with space rental, musicians and setup, while smaller tech companies are offsetting food costs, diverting beer trucks, buying cows for us all to eat, or make cool signage for this event to happen.

Partners & Sponsors

Event Map and Location

Join Us in Celebration at the Nairobi Arboretum on 7th March Starting at 2pm Until Dawn