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The Kids Hacker Camp: November EditionRSVP

  • Venue: iHub
  • Date: Monday 25th November 2013
  • Starts: 9:30am
  • Ends: 3:30pm

The Kids Hacker Camp:  November Edition is the second installment in our Hacking Education Series. This Camp will be held over 5 days and is aimed at Kids aged between 10 – 18 years who are interested in crafting, hacking, tinkering and general discovery. This program series is geared to encourage the young as well as teenage hobbyists, tinkerers and hackers by providing them with the tools to become future drivers of innovation. The November Camp Edition will focus on the Raspberry Pi and building low-cost robots for education.

The objectives of the camp are to

Enable kids to work in teams with their peers and mentors.

Empower kids to think creatively and learn by hands-on interaction.

Provide kids with a basic foundation of hardware hacking.

Provide a platform for kids to have fun making, crafting, hacking and tinkering.

Hold a showcase for kids to display their projects.

The kids will work in teams of 3 with a group volunteer lead to guide them on working on the Raspberry Pi and building the actual low cost robot. They will then demonstrate their creations on the final day.

This camp runs from Monday, 25th November 2013 to Friday, 29th November 2013. The showcase will then be held on the 29th. Camp attendance costs 5000 Kshs per child which covers 2 light snacks and 1 lunch meal a day.

Application forms can be filled in here ( If you would like to provide much needed sponsorship for one or more children/teenagers, please fill up this form ( A confirmation email will be sent to all respondents. This will be followed up by an instruction email on how to complete payment via MPESA.