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The Social inbox (Everlytic)RSVP

  • Venue: iHub
  • Date: Tuesday 29th October 2013
  • Starts: 2:00pm
  • Ends: 6:00pm

Everlytic will be touching down in Nairobi to chat about commercial email in a multi-channel environment – how you can use email and social in a drive to digital marketing glory. We’d love you to join us at the iHub on Thursday, 31st October 2013 from 2pm to 5pm  as we talk about strategies for integrating Email, Mobile and Social

About The Social Inbox workshop

The explosion of mobile devices and social channels is impacting the effectiveness of digital
A case for email and social will be presented and delegates will be shown how to integrate their email campaigns on social media platforms. Everlytic will demonstrate how to create email subscription forms on a Facebook iframe tab and simultaneously share their campaigns on Facebook, LinkedIn and twitter when deploying campaigns.


Afterwards we shall have cocktails while getting to know each other better :-).

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