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Culture [Shift] HackathonRSVP

  • Venue: iHub
  • Date: Thursday 29th March 2012
  • Starts: 8:00am
  • Ends: 8:00pm

What do you get when you put leading digital innovators, creative practitioners and a whole lot of entrepreneurial energy in a room together for 48 hours in four cities across Africa? We don’t yet know… but we predict some incredible ideas, lasting relationships, and seriously investable solutions for challenges faced by creative communities on the rise in Cairo, Lagos, Johannesburg and Nairobi.

The British Council’s Creative and Cultural Economy work shows that creative and cultural sectors globally are well placed to embrace technological innovation and find new ways for emerging creatives to benefit from the digital shift. Through its pilot programme Culture Shift– partnering with CcHub Nigeria, iHub Kenya, the Hub Johannesburg, and UK-based Social Innovation Camp, Merism Capital and Marmanie Impact Investing – selected participants will be challenged to merge their creative and digital expertise to design locally relevant and innovative new products. Taking place over three days, theme-based teams will compete for a cash prize award and expert advice in order to help realize their objectives over the following months, enabling them to bypass what are often the most inhibiting factors for entrepreneurs – access to capital and business mentorship.

In recent years, the UK has led the pack when it comes to applying digital hacking practice and business start-up strategy to the cultural domain. The British Council’s CCE programme now welcomes the opportunity to showcase locally-driven models across Africa – a continent faced with the fastest growing economies, urban centres, mobile phone markets, broadband adaption, youth demographics and innovative talent!

Culture Shift dates:

Lagos, Nigeria – 17-19 March

Johannesburg, South Africa – 23-25 March

Nairobi, Kenya – 29-31 March

Cairo, TBC (likely April)