Evolution of a Tech Space

By Editor
  Published 19 Aug 2012
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iHub Nairobi is a co-working space and business incubator, started in March 2010. The need for a physical nexus for Nairobi’s tech community has since been exceeded growing to over 8,602 members only two years later. iHub’s members include techies, creatives, entrepreneurs, designers, investors, researchers and hackers from all over the East African region.
From the very start, the community has played a key role in creating the space that is iHub. This wide and growing community has made iHub the go-to place for all things techie in East Africa, being referred to as “the unofficial headquarters of Kenya’s tech movement.”
iHub recognizes this and continues to play a key role in strengthening this community through various initiatives such as iHub Consult (for businesses and corporates) , and building communities around niche areas such as Super Computing (iCluster) , research in Information, Communication and Technology (iHub Research) and the User Design Lab (UX Lab). Below, we put together a video on just how the iHub has evolved over the past couple of years, and the value the space continues to provide to its community.  
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