Nairobi Startup Nights Are Here!

By Editor
  Published 08 Aug 2012
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By Nick Sowden
A growing economy, super smart people, fast internet, mobile money and good infrastructure.These make Nairobi a good place to start a business - especially if you're in tech.
Nairobi Startup Nights is a (free) regular event where 5 startupsof all stages and industries get to pitch. The event brings together Investors, Advisers, University students, business leaders, successful and aspiring entrepreneurs, and anyone who loves startups. Details The first Nairobi Startup Night is August 15th at 6:30pm, at the iHub.   The Startup Nights will be held every 3rd Wednesday of the month. It's a relaxed, just-for-fun opportunity to support Nairobi's startup scene. The outcome of the Nights is for lots of people to learn about other startups, meet people that can help improve their startup in a relaxed and fun environment. And hopefully more people will start their own company or join another's!         PS: Know an awesome startup that should pitch? Tell them to email[email protected]. Want to Pitch or Follow along? Facebook: Nairobi Startup Pitch Night (NSPN) Twitter: @NSPNight Email: [email protected]  
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