iHub Olympic Village

By Rachel Gichinga
  Published 29 Jul 2012
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What are we doing? We're turning the iHub into anOlympicsvillage! For the next two weeks the iHub will be screening the games live throughout the day. We'll also host Google+ hangouts with the Kenya team in London as well as some influential people who'll be dropping by Kenya House. On August 12th we'll celebrate the close of theOlympicsin style, with the coolest closing ceremony party in town. Join us forOlympics@ iHub!Also, check out the cool pics taken on Friday (Thanks Taylor Martyn!) where iHubbers posted their messages to the Kenyan team.
We're putting up screens for people to watch the games throughout the entire two weeks. Walk in whenever, you'll be able to watch the Olympics. We're setting up a dedicated spot for Google+ hangouts with the Kenya team and other notable folks in the Kenya House in London, which we'll be doing a couple of times a week (iHub G+ page). You can come and talk directly to your favourite athletes on specific days. You can pick up Olympics posters, stickers and t-shirts, courtesy of Google. Finally, on August 12th we'll have a big closing ceremony party at the iHub - lots of cool activities planned for that day (more to be revealed as the day gets closer). Catch the games Live on the Official Olympic Channel on Youtube.  
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