Building a Vibrant Ruby Community

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  Published 30 Jul 2012
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By Nicholas Got The Ruby boot camp, held at the iHub on Saturday 28, July 2012 brought together over 40 enthusiasts ranging from novice computer users to developers with years of experience to teach and learn about Ruby. Attendees were split up into three experience levels, and teachers from Google, Kopo Kopo, Safaricom, and Samasource led morning and afternoon sessions. (See Links to Training Materials below).
The morning session was focused on learning the basics of Ruby - the topics were covered quickly, but by the end, all of the attendees were given an overview of objects, methods, variables, syntax, and best practices for the Ruby language.
The afternoon session was devoted to covering the basics of web application development using Rails (for the advanced and intermediate group) and Sinatra (for the beginners class). Topics included an overview of MVC, REST, model design, and source control. Many applicants completed the session with live applications deployed on Heroku, and code uploaded to fresh repositories on Github.
Overall, it was a very enjoyable, but intense day. Participants and organizers left, feeling motivated to develop the Nairobi Ruby community. We're looking forward to having a vibrant Ruby community that will enthusiastically contribute to the general developer community. Links Sinatra Code hosted on Github Sample application deployed on Heroku Training materials:  
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