Introducing iHub Consulting

By Mercy Deche
  Published 29 Jul 2012
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Early this year, the Board of Advisors had a discussion on improving freelancer skills where the decision was made to start up iHub Consulting, an initiative to help build soft skills such as communication, delivery and quality in the community. Through this initiative iHub will connect the community to larger client projects which freelancers may not have access to on their own. So how will it work? We’ll get the best developers, creatives, quality assurance people and project managers together in a pool. For each project, we’ll get them into teams where they will be reviewed by clients and peers. Results of the review will be reflected on their member profiles and anyone who falls below expectations will be let go from the pool. Another benefit of being in the pool is that the team will get specific mentoring and business skills training. If you’d like to be considered for the shortlist, the application is open now at You’ll need to provide your portfolio, client and community referees.
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