Battle for Local Content

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  Published 27 Jul 2012
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The Kenya ICT Board is announcing a Sh320 million grant that will go towards boosting the local digital content and software industry. The money targeting entrepreneurs in the film, education, entertainment and advertising industries is aimed at driving up Internet penetration and promoting local content, a potential area for revenue generation. (The Standard) As Christian Kreutz shares on his post (Here) on digital publishing and local content in Africa:
Moses Kemibaro shares the same optimism in East Africa: “The local content gold rush is only just getting started.” ...“We have many platforms through which local content can be published for free, or nearly free.” There is a plurality of local content in Africa, but is often not available as digital content... Video, audio and text are some formats. Social media is increasingly in the hands of millions of people through mobile phones.
Creatives Meetup on Local Content In light of this, a Creatives Meetup will be held on Sunday July 29th, at the iHub Nairobi. This Creativez Meetup will cover business and strategy tips around Local Content (provision, production, distribution and future outlook) as we demystify and share current & future developments in the Content Arena. If you are a content producer, maker, distributor of ANY kind (e.g film ,documentaries, writers, visual effects, musicians) . This is meetup is the first of 3 in this Series. The calibre of speakers is like no other- as they they share from their experiences the pitfalls, challenges and how YOU can make it big in the Local Content Arena.  
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