Google Hackathon Challenge

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  Published 23 Jul 2012
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By Kinyanjui Njoroge The response and the enthusiasm of the participants totally blew us away. We had Mr Kirputo Bett, an undergraduate at JKUAT, demonstrate to us a simple mashup to solve one of his main challenges; intermittent internet inhibiting him from downloading his attachments. Together with his group, he developed a simple script that whenever someone would send him an email with an attachment, the attachment would automatically be sent to his Google Drive, eventually synchronizing with his desktop application as soon as he goes online. This was one of the brilliant concepts and hacks which the participants engaged in.
We have to give a special mention to the group from Kabarak University who travelled to Nairobi to engage with us. Derrick Rono who is the Google Student Ambassador from Kabarak University,led this team. This hackathon was the second event at the iHub which was organized by the Google Developer Groups(GDG) formerly Google Technology User Groups (GTUG). The main focus of this event was to bring together developers to come and learn the new Google API such as Google Drive,Apps Script. The main intention on holding this event was simply to launch and make aware of theGoogle Apps Challenge. We are sure that we will see Kenya on the map as winners in the Challenge. About the Author: Kinyanjui Njoroge is the Google Developer Groups Manager, Strathmore.
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