Marissa Mayer | The New Yahoo Chief

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  Published 17 Jul 2012
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As Marissa Mayer joins Yahoo as its Chief Executive, the iHub recaps the moments that captured our imagination when she was here last year June.
Below are some excerpts from her Fireside Chat with the iHub Community:
 “Start more companies. Don’t be afraid to take risks. It’s okay to fail as long as you fail fast.  Don’t forget the law of large numbers. If you build a lot of things then one thing works, you can begin to ramp it up.”
On Career Development:
“I realized I would learn more by being in the room and deciding how to make good business decisions (rather than being a consultant and leaving the room after giving advice).” On theMobile-Web Crossover Phenomenon: “I think it’s pretty amazing to see how far the mobile space has come. With everyone having a computer of reasonable quality in their pockets at all times, the mobile world is now beginning to access the open web. I also think mobile applications are really critical.”
Advice to Start-Ups in Africa:
"The mobile element is important. Make sure you are addressing smart phones but also feature phones. Make sure you have broad reach—the more people who can use your products, the better. Micro-payments, even tiny little payments of money can make a huge difference. Don’t underestimate the value of small payments and how they add up. Many times you can add monetization to something and it can actually be positive in UI." View the short video cliphere.  
Here's what our community's saying about the appointment:  
You dont have to be a CEO to take up a CEO's position, there's this mentality that to be appointed a CEO, one has to have been a CEO somewhere else. . .The appointment of Ms Mayer (who has not held a CEO position before) shows this...Ms Jessica Colaco, iHub. Read More about Ms Mayer joining Yahoo here and here.   Photo Credits: Techcrunch.
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