Rates for Application Testing at m:lab Revised

By John Kieti
  Published 24 Jun 2012
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Its been 7 months since we launched our mobile application testing services to the developer community in Nairobi. Thanks to Samsung, Nokia, RIM and HTC we have over 80 mobile devices for developers to test their application on multiple devices and multiple platforms. Over 160 hours application testing time has been spent in the facility by developers so far. Developers within have also checked devices out of the facility for a cumulative of over 190 days. For the team at m:lab East Africa, it has so far been a learning process. There has been many factors to consider on how to improve our testing services and achieve sustainability. It is based on those considerations that we are revising the rates for time at the testing room as follows :- Rate Plan A - InMobi Publishers Access to devices in the testing room will be at the rate of Ksh100 per person per hour for developers integrating inMobi’s mobile advertisement infrastructure in their apps. Rate Plan B - mLab Consortium Access to devices in the testing room will be at the rate of Ksh 150 per person per hour for constituents of institutions in the mLab consortium. Those include, iHub Red & Green Members, students of University of Nairobi School of Computing and Informatics, and students of eMobilis Academy. Rate Plan C - mLab Partners A rate of Shs 250 per hour per person applies to developers who are existing publishers in the following application distribution platforms belonging to our partners :-
  • Samsung Apps
  • Google Play
  • Nokia Store
Rate Plan D - The Greater Mobile Ecosystem A rate of Kshs 500 per hour per person applies to developers in the greater mobile ecosystem and includes corporate bodies and organizations in the region. NB: m:lab East Africa incubation clients and trainees continue accessing devices in the testing facility as part of their client package.
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