Lecture Series on Financial Cryptography

By Jessica Colaço
  Published 22 Jun 2012
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The ability to perform secure transactions over a network is critical to the development of internet and mobile businesses. Some of the most powerful web and mobile applications are those that facilitate transactions. "Financial Cryptography" is the set of "best-practices" of encryption and security protocols which make possible financial transactions over a network. Many of the principles of financial cryptography have been applied to other fields as well, such as protecting political speech and bypassing censorship to disseminate information during the Arab Spring uprisings in North Africa. Over the past five years, Kenya's economy has been transformed by MPESA, which allows money transfers to take place using mobile phones. Developing applications that take advantage of mobile and internet transcations is one of the most exciting areas of the developing information economy in Kenya, and around the world. Without Financial Cryptography, MPESA and other transaction systems could not exist. Ken Griffith is an entrepreneur and writer who has been involved in the field of digital money since 1996. He will be giving a series of lectures introducing the history, basic principles, and current cutting edge applications of financial cryptography at iHub starting in late July. There is only room for 20 people in this course. If you are interested, kindly get in touch
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